DreamMaker helps couple conclude long remodel with positive experience

  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel

You want to remodel your house so you call around for bids, you hire a contractor, you make some choices, and your house is remodeled in a few months. Sounds like a simple process, but for many homeowners the process isn’t smooth and turns into an unpleasant experience.

“Good contractors are hard to come by,” say Larry and Fara Williams, who can attest to that statement through personal experience.

The couple decided to remodel their entire house about a year ago. “We started doing some of the work ourselves,” says Fara referring to her bathrooms. “After Larry got hurt (an injury that was not a result of the remodeling), we decided to hire people to do the work.”

The first contractor they hired told the couple he planned a week-long vacation and would start when he returned. After a week, he didn’t show. The Williams contacted him the second week, and he informed them that he was still out of town. By the third week, the Williams got tired of waiting.

The second contractor seemed to be a better choice. He at least started the process. In fact, the remodel seemed to be going as planned, until in the midst of remodeling their kitchen, the contractor went out of business. He told Larry and Fara that he had ordered their cabinets and they just needed someone to put them up. Later the couple found out the cabinets had not been ordered after all.

In the home stretch of their remodel, the Williams were not deterred and decided to hire another contractor. Fara mentions that she noticed a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen vehicle in her neighborhood, so she “talked to people about them and called references.” Through word-of-mouth, she found out they were a reputable company and hired DreamMaker to finish the final major project in their year-long remodeling process – the kitchen.

“I have dreamt of a new kitchen for a while,” says Fara. “I knew exactly what I wanted – at cottage style kitchen.”

With a complete picture of her new kitchen in her mind, Fara and DreamMaker owner Steve Betts started bringing her vision to life. The kitchen was functional but it needed to be updated and the couple needed more storage.

They started with the cabinets. Cottage-style cabinets were hard to find so DreamMaker custom made cabinets for the kitchen. Along with function, Fara really wanted a design that would display her beautiful blueberry theme china. To accomplish this, DreamMaker designed display glass shelving.

Fara also needed more work space but didn’t want anything permanent in her small kitchen. A portable island was the perfect solution. DreamMaker custom designed an island with bookshelves on one end to hold cookbooks and open display shelves to hold more china on the other.  

To bring her cozy cottage-style kitchen together, Fara wanted the cabinets painted to match dining chairs. The Williams’ kitchen is a beautiful marriage of classic and modern. The classic comes from the cabinet style, the apron front sink, subway tile for the backsplash, and an old-fashion screen door. The modern elements include the granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and lighting.

The kitchen transformation took nearly three months, starting in May. By the 4th of July Fara and Larry had company over to celebrate the holiday and the completion of their remodel.

“There were a few snags along the way, but in the end I pretty much got what I wanted,” says Fara, who says she wishes she had hired DreamMaker from the beginning. “I am very happy and I love, love, love my kitchen!”

The Williams advise that before starting a remodeling project, find a reputable contractor with a good referral list. They recommend DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen for your next project.

To start realizing your dream of a new bath, kitchen, or any other room in your home, contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Lubbock at (806) 687-1212.