Kitchen Remodel

NOTICEABLY DIFFERENT – Jurgen Heise's kitchen is quite different than before, thanks to the work done by DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. He says the company is unique itself, offering a much better experience than what he had encountered in the past with other remodelers.

Jurgen Heise says he has the "very highest opinion" of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

The company recently remodeled the retired professor's kitchen, adding much-needed space and a touch of European style to his home.

"Everything worked out very well. They removed an entire wall where the new bar is, which opened up the kitchen into the living room," he says. "I am enjoying the space and the view; it was very difficult to entertain guests before."

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Kitchen Design

New Contemporary Kitchen Design

TIMELY FASHION – The Kelps gave DreamMaker their ideas and a deadline, and the company delivered! Kirk and Ashley are 'so very pleased' with their new contemporary kitchen design and all of its fantastic features.

Kirk and Ashley Kelp's home in Amarillo had been in their family for several generations. Rich in sentimentality but short on style, the kitchen was overdue for an update. The Kelps dreamed of a contemporary space with modern features that would make life easier for their young family of four.

"We chose DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen because we loved the bathroom remodel they had done in a relative's home. We knew they were quality people who did quality work." Ashley says.

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Bath Remodel

Remodeling a 1950's-era Bathroom

Bob Smith wanted a jetted tub; his wife, Penny? Well, she would settle for any tub at all! The Smith's outdated master bathroom offered nothing but a too-small shower and a four-foot vanity with a single sink.

Before they chose DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen as their remodeler, the couple had been admiring spacious bathrooms in the newer homes on the southwest side of Amarillo.

In two months, DreamMaker turned the Smiths' tiny 1950s-era master bathroom into a modern, luxurious space. A large frameless glass shower was installed with room enough for a bench, the linoleum floors were replaced with ceramic tile, and Bob got his jetted tub. A double vanity with granite countertops and custom cabinets gave the bathroom more storage and style, plus his-and-her sinks.

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Kitchen Remodel

Character and Craftsmanship Count

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is the company to call for your remodeling needs when both character and craftsmanship count – and don't they always?

"They're great people and their work is amazing," says recent DreamMaker client, Lisa Moltz of Borger. "What more could you ask for?"

During the two months that Lisa and her husband Tim had the DreamMaker crew in their home, they truly enjoyed "having them around" – and that's not something everyone can say about their remodeling company.

"They became like family to us… we kinda miss them! They were just so sweet and very intent on making us happy," she shares.

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Kitchen Remodel

A Remodeled Kitchen to Love

Dan and Kris Radisewitz's kitchen was redesigned by DreamMaker to better accommodate the foot traffic of their family of five. A bulky brick archway was also removed, making it easier for Kris to cook, and details like a pot filler faucet and custom wine rack helped add style and entertainment possibilities.

Before their DreamMaker remodel, Dan and Kris Radisewitz's kitchen was "alright," aesthetically. But functionally, it had many faults.

For example, a peninsula divided the kitchen in half, making poor use of the space, and a bulky brick archway built over the stove interrupted the flow of Kris's cooking.

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Bath Remodel

Remodeling An Outdated Bathroom

TOP NOTCH – With granite countertops, a vessel sink, and a frameless glass shower, DreamMaker brought a new sense of style to the Sava's outdated master bath. The couple raves not only about the company's craftsmanship, but their character as well.

Dede Sava and her husband Larry are "totally impressed" with their recent remodel by DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Amarillo.

"We love it! They did everything they said they would do and more," Dede says.

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Bath Remodel

Couple's DreamMaker Bath Is Even Better Than Imagined

John and Linda Roberts of Canyon have nothing but great things to say about their experience with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

WHY REMODEL? "It was just time," Linda says, about their master bathroom. "The wallpaper was outdated and peeling off, the cabinets were old and cheap, the floor looked dirty even when clean, and the shower and tub were just way too small."

With a tall husband, and grandkids inching past 6-feet, Linda hoped to have the shower's soffit removed and the ceiling set at a normal height.

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Kitchen Remodel

Family Loves Updates

PEACE OF MIND – With a wood-burning stove and solid brick planter now removed from their home, Zach and Robyn Reaves feel better about the spaces where their two small children play. Their DreamMaker remodel also added elegant new features and changes that opened up their home to make it a spacious and safe place to live.

Zach and Robyn Reaves purchased their home in Levelland two years ago with the intention of making some upgrades in the future.

Well, the future brought two babies! The Reaves temporarily put their upgrade on hold, but having children just lengthened their list of reasons to remodel. Many of the features they once dreamed of changing were not only outdated, but now unsafe. Unforgiving surfaces and sharp corners just weren't ideal for curious little ones.

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Bath Remodel

Perfect Master Bathroom Remodel

WELCOME BACK – Lana and Stanley McRae were happy to have DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen in their home for another remodeling project. This time, it was their master bathroom that received a much-needed update.

Lana McRae admits that she's a stickler. That's why her remodeler of choice, Dream­Maker Bath & Kitchen, has been a great fit for multiple remodeling projects in her home.

"They are perfectionists, just like me," she laughs. "They want the job to be done right, and I appreciate that."

The McRaes recently hired DreamMaker to update their master bathroom. Lana was happy to start with a clean slate, and says that she and husband Stanley are very pleased, as always, with DreamMaker's good work… and good work ethic!

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